Crooked spires loomed in the near distance. Almost twisted into the gnarled state of human fingers. Mist shrouded everything else. Impenetrable to those looking from the outside. Nero sauntered along the dirt road casually, unperturbed by the clearly foreboding place. He gave a passing glance to the largest tower. An ugly, black thing with flocks of demonic creatures swooping around it. “Demons and their fucking eyesores.” The young hybrid dismissed with a roll of the eyes.

In the months of becoming a professional demon hunter, Nero learnt a hell of a lot on the job. He wondered briefly if Dante was here. If so then the competition had already begun. If not then it simply meant there was more fun to be had by himself. He strode towards the outskirts, navigating his way through the fog. His Devil Bringer acted like a beacon, lighting his path.

Through the white screen he saw ruined buildings. Damaged homes. No sign of anyone. Nero crouched to observe blood stains at the side of a road. He pressed his human fingers, feeling the consistency. Fresh. Couldn’t have been more than a few hours old. Creaking cackles shuddered behind him. Several demons resembling a cross between a clown and a large dog rose from the ground. They waddled towards him with a menacing gait from all sides. A ghost of a smirk etched itself into his features.

"I was starting to wonder when the party was gonna show up. Try and give me a show worth coming for." He clasped the hilt of Red Queen, revving the blade hungrily. His demonic appendage gripped Blue Rose, spinning around to fire off a few energy charged rounds at the opposition. The bullets blasted through the first demon, forcing it to topple. Nero evaded the oncoming swing of a giant claw, swinging his sword in a vicious arc to cleave the demon in half. Then the carnage really began. 

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